What is ASPCoP

ASPCoP is a Code of Practice that defines the operations, standards and methods by which metered gas consumption data is read and supplied to customers, energy suppliers or others. By providing a regularised system it ensures that customers have assurance about the data accuracy, integrity and completeness to be achieved as well as the service levels they will receive from ASPs accredited under ASPCoP.

Specifying an ASPCoP accredited ASP within your data collection contract gives you a quality assurance and confidence backed by the major bodies working in the gas metering market.

  • ASPCoP = Automated Meter Reading Service Providers Code of Practice for Gas Meters.
  • AMR = Automated Meter Reading
  • ASP = AMR Service Provider: the organisation that reads your meter automatically and provides meter data to the customer, energy supplier or others as contracted.

Some important background
Demand side management; accurate billing.
As utilities become more expensive and carbon emissions are required to be minimised, there is an increasing requirement to manage consumption and associated costs more effectively. Fortunately, ever advancing IT has allowed the development of low cost, automatic meter reading (AMR) systems which, through the ability to monitor consumption continuously, provide a key tool to facilitate accurate and timely billing and consumption management.

Since the 1990 these developments have slowly been recognised by both Consumers and the utility supply industry and the application of AMR has become a rapidly developing engineering industry in its own right. As a first move in identifying the advantages of AMR to Consumers and world wide carbon reduction, the EU has produced the Energy Services Directive requiring that ‘competitively priced individual meters that accurately reflect the final customer’s actual energy consumption and that provide information on actual time of use’.

From the 6 April 2009 licence conditions for energy suppliers included a requirement to provide Advanced Meters for new suppliers and scheduled meter replacements where gas consumption is above 732 MWH pa. This data to be a maximum of 60 minute periods and data to be made available to customers within 24 hours. The availability of high quality and reliable automatic meter reading services is therefore essential to meeting these requirements.

The application of AMR covers many facets of technology ranging from metering, dealing with potentially hazardous utilities to the application of sophisticated IT communication and meter data handling.

As the AMR industry evolves, to maintain minimum installation and data quality and continuity in the hazardous area of utility metering, there is a need to develop industry standards and codes of practice – hence ASPCoP.